Cashew Wine

Cashew wine is made through distilling juice from the Cashew Apple. The fruit is crushed with feet to extract the juice. Fermentation takes place in copper pots and lasts for three days.

This picture shows women in Senegal extracting juice from cashew apples to make cashew wine.

2 thoughts on “Cashew Wine

    • Cashew nuts have a high germination rate to begin with but if you soak them in water for the evening before planting it will increase the chances of germination. However you must be careful not to stick your hand in the water as the cashew nut shell oil will seep into the water. This can cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Make sure to pour the water out down a drain or in an area away from animals or children.

      In terms of planting, the seed resembles a “smile”. To make it easy to remember, I advise people to plant the seed “Frown” down just below the surface.

      Let me know how the results you get.

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