Cashews: A Magnesium-Rich Food

Magnesium-Rich Foods Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Are Cashews good for you? People are always asking what nutrients are found in cashews and whether cashews are good for you and your body. This cashew related article from the American Journal of Epidemiology, describes how magnesium-rich cashews cut the risk colon cancer.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have found that a diet rich in magnesium may help reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. As part of the Iowa Women’s Health Study, researchers followed almost 42,000 women aged 55-69 for 17 years.

After taking age, calories, other nutrients and traditional risk factors for colon cancer into account, the women with the highest intake of magnesium (more than 351 milligrams a day) had a 23% lower risk of colon cancer compared to those with the lowest intake (less than 245 milligrams a day). Magnesium intake, however had little effect on rectal cancer.

In the study, more than 90% of the women’s magnesium intakes came from food, not supplements. The current recommended intake of magnesium is 400 milligrams a day. Good sources include artichokes, avocados, bran cereal, cashewsdark chocolate, lentils, spinach and wheat germ.

Source: American Journal of Epidemiology, February 2006

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