Cashew Grabs Two Golds at Athens

Cracker January 2005

Kelly Holmes, the double gold medallist at the 2004 Athens Olympics has revealed how nuts and ice baths kept her on course for the first ever post-war women athletic double gold in Olympics. The British athlete ran a stunning race to beat the famous Mozambique icon Maria Mutola in the 800m clocking 1:56.38, the best timing of the season. She followed it up with a superb finish in the 1500m race five days later to claim her second gold of the event, with another best time of

Ms. Kelly told Mr. John Cross, of the Daily Mirror, in Athens that the secret ingredient of her startling success is cashew nuts and ice baths. She relied on BBC’s Sally Gunnel to feed her cashew nuts to restore her strength while she did postrace interviews. ” I am surviving on cashew nuts and ice. My Doctors told me to fill up on protein foods and drinks as soon as possible after races”, she said. Obviously, her faith in cashew nuts has yielded golden dividends.

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